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Russia's bombers fancy Cuba

A Russian base may soon be stationed near the U.S.

Наши бомбардировщики облюбовали Кубу

The U.S. stubborn resolution to place their anti-missile shield in Europe is forcing Russia to seek counter-measures. A State Duma Defense Committee member recently traveled to the Kaliningrad region where political and military leaders discussed the possibility of stationing high-precision operational and strategic missile complexes. The infrastructure would target U.S. and NATO military objects in Europe. A similar complex could be built in Belarus.

Russia may also consider increased military cooperation with Venezuela. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrived in Moscow July 22 to purchase a new arms shipment, and rumors are abound that he isn't against Russian military experts establishing a training center or military base in the country.

Russia's undisclosed military contacts with Cuba have also become more intense as of late. According to an unofficial source, discussions are ongoing about Russian troops potentially returning to Freedom Island where Russia's radar station and other units were recently dislocated.

Yesterday, a sensation stirred around information that Russian strategic bombers were secretly landing at the Cuban aerodrome. However, the news turned out to be a hoax.

Russia's Military Air Force Headquarters told KP that the U.S. tracks every single take-off made by Russian strategic aircraft. If the U.S. saw Russian aircraft nearby Cuba, they would immediately raise an international scandal.

"Hence, our Ту-160 and Ту-95 bombers made no flights to Cuba," the headquarters staff said. "But that doesn't mean we can't..."

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